Some Web Resources for Choral Midi Files MEMT 450 Choral Methods, The University of Kansas

    These sites have midi files for whole compositions (but not individual parts):

      Silvas Woodshed

      Piet Mennen Choir Midis

      WAHS Choirs Midi Archive

      Choral Domain Public Library

      Werner Icking Music Archive

      Classical Archives Midi Files

      Kunst der Fugue Midi Files

      Sacred Songs by Midi

      Simone Olivieri's Music

      Peter's Midi File Download Page

      John's Midi File Choral Music Site

      Don's Midi File Download Page

      Eva Forsbom Choir Page

      Midi World Early Music

      Waimea Consort Midis

    These sites have midi files for some individual parts in some compositions:

      Choral Rehearsal

      Pleasanton Middle School Choral Midi Resources

      Victoria Midi Resources

      Classical Midi Collection

      Hayling Island Choir Rehearsal Midi Files

      Albany Community Chorus Practice Files

      King's Lynn Festival Chorus Midi Resources

      Learn Your Part

      Cantemus Music Library

      The Royal Free Music Archive

      More Choir Midis


      A patient Google search using title and/or composer, plus additional keywords such as midi, rehearsal, sound, mp3, tenor (or other voice parts), can sometimes yield gold.