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      Model Research Studies

      Historical Research:

      Heller, George N. "Music Education in Puerto Rico from the Taínos through the Eighteenth Century: The Case for Inclusion in American Music Education History." Paper presented at the College Music Society, Fajardo, PR, October 23, 1998.
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      Quantitative/Experimental Research:

      Johnson, C.M. and Darrow, A.-A. (1997). The effect of positive models of inclusion on band students' attitudinal statements regarding the integration of students with disabilities. Journal of Research in Music Education, 45 (2), 173-184.
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      Quantitative/Descriptive Research:

      Daugherty, J.F. (1999). Spacing, formation and choral sound: Preferences and perceptions of auditors and choristers. Journal of Research in Music Education, 47 (3), 224-238.
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      Qualitative/Descriptive Research:

      Darrow, A. A., & Loomis, D. (1999). Music and deaf culture: Images from the media and their interpretation by deaf and hearing students. Journal of Music Therapy, 36,88-109.
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