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      Voice Anatomy and Physiology Web Sites:

        Anatomy and Physiology of the Larynx Tutorial
        Voice Foundation: Voice Problems Explore each of its sections.
        Laryngeal video recordings
        Laryngoscopy/Endoscopic examination
        Larynx Transplant Video
        3D View of Diaphragm
        Anatomy for Singers
        Vocal Fold Video: Three onsets
        Voice Problem Website
        Parts of the Voice Box
        Larynx Anatomy Self-Test
        Lyon's Voice Clinic: About the Voice
        Larynx Film Festival
        How the Lungs Work
        Zemlin Larynx Slides
        Questions & Answers
        NCVS Voice Academy
        Anatomy Explorer
        Respiratory Anatomy
        Dissecting Lungs
        National Center for Voice and Speech
        Pharynx and Larynx
        Anatomy & Physiology Quizzes
        The Diaphragm
        Kansas Voice Center
        About Your Voice Fact Sheets: American Academy of Otolaryngology
        Lifespan Developing Voice(pdf)
        Why Is My Voice Changing?
        Exercise for the Voice
        Highest Note by A Male Guinness World Record

      Voice Acoustics Web Sites:

        HyperPhysics Concepts
        Physics of Sound
        Handouts: Basic Sound
        An Acoustics Primer
        HyperPhysics: Voice
        Soundwaves & Music
        Longitudinal and Transverse Waves
        Transvese-Longitudinal Waves
        Voice Acoustics
        Soprano Resonance Tuning and Vowel Changes
        What is a formant?
        Pitch Tutorial
        Loudness Tutorial
        Interactive IPA Charts
        Introduction to Spectrogram Reading
        Spectrogram Reading
        Pitch: Web Tutorial
        Vocalist Spectrographs and Vocal Software
        Voice Analysis Technology Downloads
        Vocal Software Downloads
        Room Acoustics
        Measuring Reverberation Time
        Calculation of Reverberation Time
        Introduction to Psychoacoustics
        Fudamental Statements of Fourier Analysis
        Demonstration of Harmonic Series
        Source-Filter Theory/Formants flash cards
        Davidson College Musical Acoustics
        Voce Vista
        Promenade 'Round the Cochlea
        Hearing Loss
        Equal Loudness Contours and Test Your Hearing

      KU School of Music Vocology Laboratory

        Vocology Lab

      Professional Organizations and Continuing Education:

        The Voice Foundation publishes Journal of Voice
        National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) publishes Journal of Singing
        Voice Care Network Summer Courses
        Summer Vocology Institute National Center for Voice & Speech

      Other Sites of Interest to Voice Performers and Voice Educators:

        Alexander Technique
        Alexander Technique
        Voice Problems: NYU Medical Center

      Class Powerpoints