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            List of Recommended Articles for Discussion/Perusal:

              Overview and Class Discussion Articles (.pdf)

              Some Recommended Studies for Perusal (.pdf)

            Class Readings Available Electronically:

              International Journal of Research in Choral Singing

              Rethinking How Voices Work in Choral Ensemble (2001) (.pdf)

              Ternstrom (2003)

              Tipps (2003)

              Turcot (2003) (.pdf)

              Overlapping of Hearing & Voicing Ranges in Singing (Hunter & Titze, 2005) (.pdf)

              JD draft 1 (.pdf)

              JD draft 2 (.pdf)

              Finding/Formulating Your Topic

              Planning Research

              Organizing a Brief Review of Literature

              Literature Review: Organizing and Styles of Writing

              Writing the Literature Review