Web forms, bulletin boards, evaluation forms, and submitted quizzes require additional programming via perl (.pl) script or php to enable interactivty and processing with your particular server. Even though a smartChoir template is provided for perl script, there are certain parts of the script that require information about your server. If you do not wish to go to this trouble, the free sites below offer you a means to construct and store web forms, quizzes, bulletin board, and other interactive items. To use such materials, simply provide a hyperlink on your web page to those items.


      A commercial program used by many educational institutions is Blackboard. This program provides you with templates, organization, and directions for a number of electronic learning opportunities. Its primary disadvantage for music ensembles, however, is that the Blackboard framework does not yet adapt itself readily to the image and audio files music teachers will want to employ or to the way they will want to employ them. Otherwise, music teachers may find it a convenient and user-friendly way to accomplish electronic learning and teaching.