Be sure to check this page periodically for important tour information. Often there will be tasks for you to do in a timely manner.

    UPDATE 1: April 5, 2002

    Make a xerox copy of the first two pages of your passport and put it in Dr. Daugherty's mailbox in the MEMT Suite/448 Murphy. This is necessary in order to process your visa.

    Check with your health insurance provider to see if you are covered, and for what, in the event of a medical emergency while on the trip. If you are not covered, you may want to purchase a travel insurance policy. An information sheet on one such policy offered by our travel agent is available if you would like to see it.


        We are returning on June 3, not June 2 as stated on the fall flyer.

        Covered in the payments you have already made: All airfares (KC to Australia and back, all inter-Australian flights, all bus transfers to and from Australian airports, All hotel rooms (not counting, of course, any expenses you incur ordering from room service, phone calls, etc.), Great Barrier Reef Day Tour (including glass bottom boat, basic snorkeling equipment, morning and afternoon tea, lunch), your Australian visa.

        Not Covered in the payments you have made: Food except as specified above, local transportation (train, subway, bus, taxi, whatever), souvenirs, any incidental expenses you may wish to make. Be sure to bring with you money (cash or credit card or some combination of the two) for these items.

        We will have homestays as indicated on the itinerary in the Newcastle area. Please think now about bringing a small thank you token/gift (maybe something Kansan or KU-ish) to give to your host by way of a thank you when you depart.

        I am trusting Dr. Robert Constable, Dean of Newcastle Conservatorium, and his students to arrange these homestays (four nights). Unless you find yourself in an untenable situation (not likely), please accept their hospitality graciously and don't be a bad guest. The final downloadable itinerary will have contact information/phone number for the Daugherty's while in Newcastle, in case you need to reach us when we're not together as a group.

        One important part of this trip is forging ties in the Newcastle area. We hope to evolve an exchange program between their university/conservatory and KU. For that reason, on the day you are scheduled to observe classes there, please do so enthusiastically, putting your best foot forward (I know you will!), and asking those questions about their school that may be of interest to you or other KU students who may wish to study a semester or year there in the future. Our first performance of the trip is in their new Concert Hall, a venue acclaimed as one of the finest in Australia. You are ambassadors for KU, hopefully interesting their students in wanting to study here as well, so tell them the good stuff!

        Hotel stays: You will be rooming three to a room. You are university students. I am not making room assignments, you can negotiate that among yourselves from location to location. No coed rooming, however. Our hotels are mid range, three or four star establishments. Do keep in mind that hotels in Australia, as in Europe and elsewhere, may not be what you associate with hotels in the U.S. As a general rule, rooms may be smaller.

        What to Bring/Pack: As little as possible! Keep in mind that you will be carrying your own bag(s), sometimes on public transportation. It will be fall in Australia. Definitely a bit on the chilly side in Newcastle, Sydney, and probably Brisbane. Cairns, on the other hand, should be quite warm. You will want beach wear for Cairns. We will be singing in our blacks and whites (regulation KU Choral Division dress). Try to think of creative ways to pack these outfits so they donšt wrinkle. Maybe borrow some polyester or something.

        The flight between LA and Sydney is typically some 12.5 hours going there and close to 13.5 hours coming back. Add to that the time between Kansas City and LA, and Cairns to Sydney, LA to Kansas City on the way back, and that's a long time on a plane. You will want to bring some snacks, reading material, or whatever will keep you comfortable and sane.

        The legal drinking age in Australia is 18. If you are not 18, please do not attempt to purchase or have purchased for you alcoholic beverages. As in the US, there are severe penalties for so doing. You obviously may not be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance when you are publicly representing KU in performances, official engagements, etc. Do keep in mind that this is primarily a "business" trip. We will have a good time in a good way.

        Do bring along your KU ID or some other picture card identifying you as a student. Often there are student discounts you may take advantage of for certain attractions and transportation.

        Be aware that electricity in Australia is 220-240 v. Any electronic items you may be bringing (hair dryer, portable CD player or whatever) will not work without an adapter. You may purchase these in the US at Radio Shack and other such stores, if desired.

        Do not forget to bring along your music and your performing outfit!