Web based audio files are a handy way to disseminate to choristers recordings of native speakers speaking the text of a composition, without the work of duplicating individual tapes or CDs.

      Here is an example.

      Diction practice on the web can happen in several ways at present. For language that is particularly difficult, conductors can structure successive approximation exercises, moving from individual phonemes, to words, to sub phrases, to phrases, to full phrases in rhythm. Please keep in mind that if one anticipates or encounters chorister problems with only specific words or sections of the text, practice can be structured only around such problem areas.

        Implementation Concepts
        Vowel Shape
        Audio Discrimination Using IPA
        Audio Discrimination with Problem Words
        IPA Practice
        Introduction to IPA: English
        Latin Pronunciation Rules with Sound
        Sound Charts

      See the Diction Resource Page for other ideas and information.

      It is possible, though still somewhat complicated, to use IPA fonts on a web page. Basically, each user must have the fonts downloaded (it's a free download) on his or her own computer. For further details, see the International Phonetic Association web page. This site also contains some audio files for download.