Although there is an increasing variety of WYSIWYG programs available, whereby you do not have to know much html at all, it is essential that you learn at least the basics of html code. Acquiring such skill will not leave you at the mercy of WYSIWYG programs, should you decide to use them, and it has the added bonus of allowing you to both trouble shoot common problems and steal code accurately.

      HTML stands for hypertext markup language. It is the means by which web pages made on any computer in the world can be read by any other computer in the world.

      Online Workshop: Here is a list of html commands that we have found most music teachers need to know while designing and implementing their chosen electronic learning projects. Go ahead now and participate in a brief online workshop, referring to the commands above.

      Here are some basic HTML Guides to increase your facility:

        HTML Quick Reference
        Beginner's Guide to HTML
        HTML Goodies
        Introduction to HTML
        Barebones Guide to HTML