Teacher Preparation

        Teachers appear to lack sufficient preparation and background to incorporate substantive electronic learning into their teaching contexts.

      • While over 50 per cent of teachers feel comfortable with traditional computer applications (e.g., word processing, tutorials, games, publishing), less than 10 per cent consider themselves competent to use more involved formats such as electronic network collaboration, problem solving applications, or multimedia. -Office of Technology Assessment, U.S. Congress, 1995.

      • Only 20 per cent of teachers feel prepared to integrate electronic learning into their classrooms -National Center for Educational Statistics, 1999.

      • Of 416 teacher preparation institutions surveyed, most report that technology use is not integrated into regular coursework or field experiences. -Milken Exchange on Educational Technology, 1999

      • The public school classroom has traditionally been the last institutional space in American society to be penetrated by any new technology, be it calculators, VCRs, or computers (Solomon, 1991).