The International Phonetic Alphabet

C o n s o n a n t s

The following table displays and describes the different IPA consonants. Click on a symbol to hear an audio clip. (Note: The audio clips may not play well in the media bar of Internet Explorer. Use another player or download the links to disk.)

[p] stop-plosive consonant, unvoicedas in pet
[b] stop-plosive consonant, voicedas in bet
[t] stop-plosive consonant, unvoicedas in ten
[d] stop-plosive consonant, voicedas in den
[k] stop-plosive consonant, unvoicedas in kit
[g] stop-plosive consonant, voicedas in give
[m] nasal consonantas in me
[n] nasal consonantas in neat
(character not available) nasal consonant (eng)as in hung
[f] fricative consonant, unvoicedas in feet
[v] fricative consonant, voicedas in vain
(character not available) fricative consonant, unvoicedas in think
(character not available) fricative consonant, voicedas in then
[s] fricative consonant, unvoicedas in sea
[z] fricative consonant, voicedas in zip
(character not available) fricative consonant, unvoiced (esh)as in she
(character not available) fricative consonant, voicedas in azure
[h] fricative consonant, unvoicedas in heat
[l] lateral consonantas in lift
[r] glideas in rose
[j] glide (yot)as in yes
[w] glide, voicedas in were
[hw] glide, unvoicedas in when
(character not available) combination consonant, unvoicedas in chill
(character not available) combination consonant, voicedas in jet