A server is simply the computer where your online files "live," that is, where the world has access to them. Your own computer can serve as a server if you wish to keep it on 24/7, and, even more importantly, if it has enough MEMORY.

      The sorts of files that choral directors will want to post (text, audio, graphic, video, etc.) are typically files that eat a ton of memory. Therefore, you will want to be sure that your server can provide you adequate space/memory.

      Typical server space provided by local internet companies and even schools for homepages, etc. is likely insufficient for your needs. Talk to your server administrator to be sure he/she understands that, as a music teacher, you will need more space than other folks.

      If at all possible, avoid a situation where you do not have the password to access your server. Too often, institutions want to allow only a few administrtors password access. In those cases, you must give your files to someone else to post. That defeats one of the primary advantages of electronic learning: immediacy. It is perfectly possible for system administrators to divide server space into compartments with different passwords. If someone tells you this is impossible, they are either being lazy or unnecessarily turf protective. And you can tell them I said so!