• Approximately 59% of the American population currently has access to the internet.

      • In some states, up to 70% of the population enjoys household internet access.

      • More than 2 million people each month are going online for the first time.

      • Among those 12-17 years of age and those 18-29 years of age, 75% are using the internet from home, libraries, and/or cybercafes.

      • People are logging onto the net more often.

      • Approximately 98% of U.S. schools, K-12, provide some form of internet access to students.

      • Approximately 90% (9 out of 10) school age children now have access to computers either at home or school.

      • Access and usage percentages have increased steadily each year.

      • Nationally, teenagers report they want more internet-related school assignments, and do not think that schools are taking advantage of the Web as a teaching tool.

      • Nearly 80% of college students say the internet contributes positively to their academic pursuits.

      • Nearly 30% or 25 million American households now own more than one computer.

      • Approximately 23% of US households with children has broadband connectivity.

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