Correct Head Positioning

Positioning of the head and neck is very important to overall posture and can effect the quality of the sound produced. Here are two examples of incorrect head positions.

  • These incorrect positions show how the chin, pulled up or down, can interfere with air flow from the abdomen. It also causes the tongue muscles to tighten, which alters the sound production.

  • One way to effectively hear how head positions impair sound production is to talk with the head held high and held low. It is easy to hear and feel that it is difficult to speak with the head held in these positions. The sounds are either constrained or muffled.

  • This correct position of the head and shoulders, as well as the chest area, will aid the singer in supporting their tone. The picture on the right shows the head being level, the chin almost parallel with the floor. The shoulders are straight and the chest is wide to allow proper breath support and control.

  • This position may not become a habit immediately, but with practice should. There are also exercises available to aid in correct body alignment. For this information, please refer to material on the references page.

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