Correct Singing Posture
There are many different aspects of singing posture that can affect the sound produced by vocalists.

   While singing, vocalists should pay close attention to the position of their feet, knees, hips, abdomen, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, and head. Correct positioning of these makes it easier for sound to be produced. The examples that follow show correct positioning for all of these.

  • The chin should be about parallel to the floor.

  • Shoulders should be held back and down, with chest held high,
          but not in a strained position.

  • Abdomen should be flat and firm, held in an expandable position.

  • Hands should be relaxed and still at the sides.

  • Knees should be flexibly loose, and never locked.

  • Feet should be slighty apart, one slightly in front of the other.
         The weight of the body is slightly forward.

      Here are some helpful hints to ensure correct singing posture:
  • Stand up against a wall, placing heels, calves, buttocks, shoulders, and head touch the wall.
  • Place one hand on the abdomen while breathing, to ensure the abdomen is expanding and relaxed.
  • Shift the weight of your body forward until almost standing on tips of the toes. Try to establish a feeling of buoyancy.
  • Stand in a slouched position, then change to the correct position, noticing the difference between the two.

      More information on Head or Abdomen positioning.