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1. Formulate and draft a description or design of an electronic learning project for your teaching context. (See the Online Project Outline). Posted no later than 7 p.m. Monday, July 16th.

2. Read and make helpful comment(s) about each of your colleaguešs project proposals. All comments must be posted no later than 9 a.m. Tuesday, July 16th.

3. Amend your proposal as appropriate, submit a project contract, then implement your project. Completed projects will be online and fully functional no later than July 30th. Earlier completion is encouraged.

4. For Graduate Credit (1 hr). Additionally, those desiring graduate credit will write a five page reflection paper that critically identifies and reflects upon concepts, pedagogy, and implementation issues associated with onešs chosen project. The paper should be typed, double spaced, with all other formatting following APA guidelines. The paper should reflect reading of at least two sources from the reference list or other appropriate literature. The position paper is due no later than July 30th. Earlier completion is encouraged.

A sample paper outline might be as follows:
Introduction and brief description of your project, including its URL (1 page).
Identification and brief discussion of philosophical, theoretical, and/or pedagogical implications of your project (1-2 pages).
Reflection upon the implementation issues associated with your project, e.g., your own learning process with the relevant technology and/or anticipated issues with your students (1-2 pages).
An evaluation of your project: What you like about it, What you might do differently in the future, How you might assess its effectiveness, etc. (1 page).


This is a hands-on, competency based course. There are but two grades possible: A or F.
A = All course requirements completed on time and with competency.
Competency: Fulfill the project contract you submitted. Additionally, for those desiring graduate credit: Write a reflection paper that resembles the above outline. F = Not an A, as defined above.