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Classical Music Links (Carolina Culture Connection)
Music History Resources
Periods of Music History
Music History Links
Music History 102
Western Music: A Short History
Classical Music Pages: Musical Epochs
Classical Music Pages: Musical Forms
A Brief History of the Blues
Women's Early Music
Singing: The New Grove Introduction
Ancient Greek Music
Music History Topics
Gregorian Chant Homepage
Great Books Music Hall
Introduction to North Indian Music
Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
Internet Renaissance Band
Reading and Transcribing White Mensural Notation
Raybro's Renaissance Music Pages
Anatomy of a Fugue
Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music, 1870-1885
Historic American Sheet Music: Duke University
History of Rock n Roll
Roots of Jazz
A Chronology of Music Events (4000 BCE-1623 AD)
Recording Technology History
Collierville High School Web Quests