MEMT 231/331: Choral Conducting Clinic

      CHOR 216/416: Concert Choir

      CHOR 214/216: World Music Choir

      VOIC 408: Vocal Pedagogy

      MEMT 431: Choral Diction

      MEMT 450: Choral Methods

      MEMT 500: Student Teaching Seminar

      MEMT 598: It's About TIME: Technology in Music Education

      MEMT 791: Contemporary Topics Choral Pedagogy

      MEMT 791: Adv. Choral Conducting & Rehearsal Techniques

      MEMT 791: ChoirOnline

      MEMT 812: Research in Music Education

      MEMT 813: History & Philosophy of Music Education

      MEMT 815: Musical Values and Aesthetics

      MEMT 820/COND 820: Adv. Choral Conducting

      MEMT 823: Internship Seminar

      MEMT/CHOR 825: Choral Diction

      MEMT/CHOR 826: Adolescent Voices

      MEMT 828/CHOR 828: Science-based Voice Education

      CHOR 910: Choral Research

      VOIC 911: Vocal Pedagogy

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