Module 1: Voice and Vocal Care

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MEMT 450 Voice Module (please click this button)

This module is designed to familiarize you with some online resources available on the Resource Links Page and to help you acquire some additional knowledge of vocal anatomy and voice care.

1. Read the information found in Maintaining Vocal Health . List on the form below two things that you found either new or interesting and state why.

2. Examine these frequently asked questions from the University of Pittsburgh Voice Center site. In the box below, list the seven audible clues for potential voice problems.

3. Examine Erin Gumm's Posture Page. What type of interference results from incorrect head position, when the chin is pulled either too far up or too far down?

Examine the Online Airway Atlas link. Then answer these questions:

4. What is adduction?

5. What is abduction?

6. Compare pictures of normal vocal cords with the picture of acute laryngitis. What primary differences do you note?

7. Explore two other links of your choosing from the Voice and Voice Care links on the resource page. In the form below, describe the links you explored and something you learned from each.