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It's About Time: Technology in Music Education
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Apr 9 2004, Friday 9:30 CST

"My never ending project is:
Ear training exercises & quizzes. Although designed for beginning
Strings players (all 3 clefs), it will be usable by vocal teachers also.
Students are presented w/a series of short written examples, which
they may hear as they view them. For each "question" the student
may take a practice quiz. The answer will elicit an auditory & a visual
response regarding accuracy. When ready, the student may take the
actual quiz, results of which will be sent to the teacher.
..................Ta dah."

Marie Cogbill,
July 28 2003, Monday 9:26 CST

"I still intend to post my lesson plans on my website. There will be a
few links to sites that may pertain to the subject. If I have time, I
would still like to do a powerpoint presentation, but I am thinking that
there won't be enough time."

Ladonna Flippin,
July 28 2003, Monday 9:20 CST


June 10 2003, Tuesday 9:31 CST

"My name is Sue Miller and I have been a teacher for many years. My
experiences includes vocal music -elementary through high school
-adaptive music, and several years as an ESL teacher in Japan. I
have also spent 8 years managing a records department in a
largelaw firm. I have recently returned to the states and am looking
forward to sharing the instruments,music,and cultureof the eastern
countries with America. My elementary children at KCK have become
more aware of other cultures through the music and arts of
Japan/China/Mexico/Africa/Russia and are expanding their
knowledge of the world and their place in it. This clacc will enable me
to expand my database of experiences as I am not a computer
person!! However, I realize the need for the computer in my life as
well as my students. My hope is to create a piano lab . Another way to
incorporate my expertise into public school teaching. although I am
looking forward to this class my progress will be slow. Sue"

susan s.miller,
June 9 2003, Monday 11:06 CST

"This is my second time through this class. I was unable to use my website as often or as much
as I liked last school year because of scheduling issues with the laptops and with technology
"instruction" at my school. I am hoping to resolve those issues for the upcoming school year.

This summer I would like to add at least two more national standards units to my website
(possibly lessons on relating music to history and culture, vocal health, recorder, or arts

I will be starting my fifth year of teaching elementary music.

i must go now because they are rushing me"

June 9 2003, Monday 10:53 CST

I am currently the Director of Choral Music at F. L. Schlagle High
School in Kansas City, Kansas. I will begin my seventh year when
school resumes. I am very proud of what has been transpiring with
the Vocal Music department as my large mixed group has received 3
one ratings within the las 4 years. Further, several students have
been successful with solos and small groups. We do take one big
trip a year. Nice to meet you. We can talk more in person."

Darryl A. Ammons, Sr.,
June 9 2003, Monday 10:53 CST

"Though I've never been employed by the KCK district, I did my student
teacxhing at Rosedale High School (back in the old days) working in
band and orchestra with Bill Stoskopf. My elemenetary ST was in
Machachaque elementary. It was just south of the KU med center. It
doesn't exist there any more.

More recently I chaired the NCA/QPA visiting teams at places like
Wyandotte High and Rosedale Middle."

george duerksen,
June 9 2003, Monday 10:52 CST

"I am an Elementary String Specialist in the KCKPS. My schools are
Douglass Elementary, Frank Rushton Elementary, M. E. Pearson
Elementary, and Silver City Elementary. I collaborated at Sumner
Academy and Wyandotte High School thiis year.

My three daughters are all now graduated from high school. I have 3
cats and a dog."

Pat Transue,
June 9 2003, Monday 10:52 CST

"Hello again. This is my second year of It's Music. My goal is to
continue adding to my knowledge. I am still teaching at T. A. Edison
and Eugene Ware Elementary schools in Kansas City, Kansas.

Marsha Longabach,
June 9 2003, Monday 10:51 CST

"I teach instrumental music at Washington high school in Kansas
City, Kansas. I am beginning my third year at Washington.
Previously, I taught 5-12 band for one year in Nickerson Kansas,
located just outside of Hutchinson. My primary instrument is
percusssion. I am also teaching myself guitar, banjo, and mandolin.
I received my undergraduate degree from Kansas State University in
Manhattan, Kansas. It was at KSU that I met my wife, Bethany, who is
also a music teacher in the Blue Valley school district."

Tim Starks,
June 9 2003, Monday 10:51 CST

"I was married last October, so I am still in the process of getting my
name changed. I've filled out all of the needed paperwork, but
Central Office still uses my maiden name.

I am a graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City. I play the
viola and violin. I teach strings, and travel between several buildings.

This summer, I hope to build on the information that I learned last
year. I am looking forward to finding more ways to integrate
technology into my classes."

Mary Kerns Ardrey,
June 9 2003, Monday 10:51 CST

"Hi, I am the Choral Director at Wyandotte High School in Kansas City,
Kansas. I will be starting my third year there in the fall. I enjoy
directing musical theatre, playing piano, the great outdoors, good
friends, food and my great family. I am single with a cute little dog
named Jazzmin and a wild cat named Raven. They are quite the pair.
I love to travel and take wild music classes in the summers."

G. Leayn Losh,
June 9 2003, Monday 10:51 CST

"I am an elementary strings teacher in the Kansas City, Kansas Public
Schools. I'm a native of Kansas City, Missouri, but have lived much of
my adult life in the Southwestern United States, especially in Texas. I
now live in the South Hyde Park neighborhood of Kansas City,
Missouri in an early twentieth century duplex. My bachelor's degree in
music education is from William Jewell College. My MME with
emphasis in string pedagogy is from the University of North Texas
and my ABD in fine arts is from Texas Tech University."

L. David Alonzo,
June 9 2003, Monday 10:51 CST

"I am the accompanist at Washington HIgh School in Kansas City,
Kansas. I am beginning my fourth year there as the accompanist
and my second year as the Student Coucil Advisor. Through this
class I am hoping to enhance my ability to assist the vocal music
instructor in his teaching in the classroom. However I am hoping to
enhance my abilities to assist the students in advancing in their
performance success in singing. On the other side of the spectrum I
am excited to learn how to build a web page and I am hoping to lead
my student council in building a web page for Washington High
School and a web page for the Vocal Music Department as well."

Warner Bailey,
June 9 2003, Monday 10:51 CST

My name is Mary. This is my second year with "IT"S MUSIC". But it
doesn't mean that I am a computer wiz. I need to have a second
course just to make sure I can still do it. All the additions to the
notebook are very helpful. Thanks for listening to us.

Mary V."

Mary Vanausdall,
June 9 2003, Monday 10:50 CST

"florida a&m marching band number 1 from schlagle band"

June 9 2003, Monday 10:48 CST

"Hi, all!

I'm the new instrumental music teacher at Central Middle School in
the Argentine area. Hopefully, the program and I will grow together
into strong music education entities as well as working with
technology in ways that the students are not yet used to."

Steve Hewitt,
June 9 2003, Monday 10:48 CST

"A string teacher."

Bridget Gish,
June 9 2003, Monday 10:48 CST

"Instrumental music teacher, Kansas City, KS USA Public Schools"

Marie Cogbill,
June 9 2003, Monday 10:48 CST


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