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Post your refined project idea here,, along with your prioritized technology skill wish list.



Oct 29 2003, Wednesday 1:28 CST

"My web pages address the following:

Instrumental Music Standard 2
I.2 2.1 Perform music literature level material independenty and
in small or large ensembles, on pitch, in rhythm, with appropriate
dynamics, maintaining a steady tempo.

The key phrase is "on pitch." Each page serves as an ear training
exercise and assessment. The page presents students with
multiple opportunities to listen to notated examples, then match the
aural examples with the written ones. On the "Practice Quiz,"
responses receive instant visual and audible feedback. The "real"
quiz, containing the same examples scrambled, has no instant
feedback. The student submits the completed quiz to the teacher.

The end.

Marie Cogbill,
July 30 2003, Wednesday 11:31 CST

"After mastering the basic skills/vocabulary/typing/stress of the computer...... I plan to complete
the creation of a simple yet informative student questioneer
. The questioneer will be informative to both teacher and student as it allows the student to
explore their opinions about music choices through sound . the second attrribute is that it allows
the student to explore their family heritage of musicians ( were their any
I feel that this can become a useful tool for the teacher. I plan to expand the heritage questions
into a lesson on a"Family Tree" - perhaps work with a classroom teacher -to include other areas
of heritage that can be drawn onto the tree.

Sue Miller,
July 28 2003, Monday 9:46 CST

"Design one web site that will provide information for parents,
students, and staff. This would include program dates, rubrics,
standards covered, etc. Provide interactive links for students and
parents. Provide a bulletin board for feedback and assessment of
programs. Marsha "

Marsha Longabach,
July 28 2003, Monday 9:41 CST

"Also, I would like to start a web page for my department at
Washington High School.

Also, I need to have a picture taken of the three of us to post on the
web page.


July 28 2003, Monday 9:31 CST

"My lesson already has all of the basic "content" issues constructed, including interactive components
and means of assessment. At this point I simply need to make the pages look better, possibly by
adding graphics, etc. Also, as my module is really a sub-module of our larger afternoon project, where
the lesson plan from the afternoon is written to meet the KCKPS standards. Do I need to write a
different lesson plan just for this one sub-module?"

Tim Starks,
July 28 2003, Monday 9:29 CST

"I would like to finish my web page with links,sound,pictures, and
My lesson module will concentrate on teaching the song "OJ Savice",
which is a Balkan womens song to a small ladies ensemble.
The chorus will also study the background of the song, which is
Croation. They will make a historical connection with other songs
about rivers and with The Strawberry Hill area in KC, Ks."

G. Leayn Losh,
July 28 2003, Monday 9:26 CST

"I am going to add several resources to my webpage. I have a
Powerpoint presentation for recruiting students to string classes, and
I have added an information page for students and parents to access
online. Also my website features a new assignment page for
students to look online for their weekly/daily assignnments in strings
class in case they don't get it written down in class or are absent. I
am adding links surrounding the topic of scales that we will learn to
play and use to construct melodies."

Pat Transue,
July 28 2003, Monday 9:26 CST

"Leayn, Darryl and myself will continue working together. On this
lesson we will be teaching the song "I am a Man of Constant Sorrow"
from the movie "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" to an all male chorus.
They will study the historical, social, and literary importance of the
work and create a presentation to share after they learn and study the
development of the many styles of American music.

On the web page we will be able to access different sites such as, We will utilize Dr. Terry Barhams web site on the Male

PS. I'm not sure if this is what you are wanting to see in the morning.
We are continuing to expand the web site from the first week, so both
of our lessons for the aftenoon session will be utilized on the web

July 28 2003, Monday 9:25 CST

"My Wyandotte High School Strings Page will include a copy of the
Orchestra Handbook, links to other web sites, and a bulletin board for
students to use to evaluate music and their concerts. This will tie in
to standard 7, evaluating music. I still need to create the bulletin
board. "

Mary Kerns Ardrey,
July 28 2003, Monday 9:24 CST

"I will be doing a webquest lesson on Aaron Copland called "Where's
the Beef?" relating the "Hoedown" from Rodeo to the "Beef, It's What's
for Dinner"--or actually the other way around--going from the familiar
to the not familiar.

I have finished an index page which links to my project from last year
and it will link to the project mentioned above, as well as to the
lessons that the strings people have written this year."

David Alonzo,
July 28 2003, Monday 9:23 CST


Well, the final project hits me as I realize I've bitten off more than I can
chew, at first. It appears that I have three steps to follow:

1. Learn mySQL database software to enable me to keep an on-line
UNIX database.
2. Learn perlscript to the point where I can integrate a database and
3. Set up password protection in order to enable students and
parents to access their individual information from home or remote

All of this depends on me having a complete webpage for my school
with the mySQL integration. If there's an easier way to accomplish
this, I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW! Regardless, it seems like an
overwhelmingly large project."

Steve Hewitt,
July 28 2003, Monday 9:22 CST

"My site will contain quizzes for various areas of music with informational/practice pages for the
kids to work through beforehand. The main thing I have left to create is the audio files for the
ear training page. Because I will not have an instrument other than a violin, only the violin ear
training page will be completed before the end of this class. The viola and cello pages will be
completed as soon as I have access to those instruments. I would still like to add a forum, and
even have found one that another colleague uses for her orchestra, but need help installing it. I
am hoping for the quizzes to submit to the correct email and show the students immediately
what they missed. The main pages I have for students include: Instrument Parts, Instrument
Care, Rhythm, Theory, Class Procedures, Ear Training. I also have a small teacher section that
has links to our lessons from the afternoon sessions, standards, and useful links."

July 28 2003, Monday 9:21 CST

"I will finish putting my web page together. I need to finish my power
point calendar and picture show.
I need to put an e-mail on so that the parents or students can write to
I need a few more web pages to link to and a link to all of our lesson
plan web pages."

Mary Vanausdall,
July 28 2003, Monday 9:21 CST

"My final project will be to add a unit to my web page on evaluating
music. I would like to add a bulletin board like this one to allow
student feedback. I would also like to add a counter to tell me how
many hits my web page has. I would like to update my links page
and add the lessons from the afternoon"

July 28 2003, Monday 9:16 CST

"1. I need help putting printable forms onto my webpage so that they
cannot be changed. I want them to be printable in order to be turned
in to me as a hard copy.

2. I also need help with putting sound onto my quiz and puttin on a
new quiz (Pearl script?).

3. I would like to put 3 lesson plans up on my website. Is that

4. I need assistance putting Power Point presentations on my

5. I would like to put background music onto my webpage that plays
when the site opens.

6. I want to learn more about putting sound and videos on my

Pat Transue,
June 13 2003, Friday 10:28 CST

"Good Morning,

I would like to finish learning how to manage creating a web page
from either dream weaver or HTML.

I would like to learn more about putting videos and sound onto my
web page.

I need to learn more about transferring material, linking, and more
advanced power point.



g.l. losh,
June 13 2003, Friday 9:56 CST

"I need to accomplish the following things to finish my web page:
--download the video that was made yesterday

--I want to download background music that will play when my web
page comes up

--I need to download the lesson plan (activity) in word format and in

I think that's all, however, I may think of other things that I want on
there before the end of the day"

June 13 2003, Friday 9:46 CST

"I would really like to put a bulletin board on my site. I can probably
figure out how to do it myself, but I have been busy switching
everything over to the dreamweaver format, and updating my graphics
and links from last year's project. I would also like to learn more
about writing perl script for response forms and quizzes."

June 13 2003, Friday 9:45 CST


I want to make an itty bitty video of me playing the "Beef Song"
perhaps to be aural wallpaper for my web page (I did bring my viola

I'm still thinking, but that's what I have so far"

L. David Alonzo,
June 13 2003, Friday 9:42 CST

"I know I sound like a broken record, but I want to be able to use my
own perl script rather than the manufactured "Response-O-Matic"
form with ads. The tasks I would like to be able to do are:

1. Have a password protected page of information for parents who
have a payment plan for their rental fee. (their account information)
2. Have a password protected page of information for students to
see how they are doing in their class. (their grade information)
3. Be able to create perlscript quizzes that do not have silly
advertisements throughout the quiz, answers, or thank you pages...
4. Have a printable .pdf file that is the weekly practice log that
students will have to turn in for a grade.
5. Something else that I've totally forgotten. (lot of help, hmm?)

I have a feeling I'm going to keep hassling Shawn all summer, but let
me know what I can do to get started.

(I'm already reading Shawn's perl scripting handout...)


Steve Hewitt,
June 13 2003, Friday 9:37 CST

"I have some graphics that I do not know how to get onto my web site.
They are animated - bad idea?

I also need to put some links on the web site - and I need to be
walked through the process again.

The biggest problem is that I am going from what I am doing in the
afternoon as a big "chunk" of my web project. It needs to be finished
so that I can transfer it to the web site."

ladonna flippin,
June 13 2003, Friday 9:31 CST

"I need a listing of the software neessary to build a web site. Is tere
an internet connection that will enable me for histhis?
I need step by step WRITTEN instructions for the tasks I have been
doing here in class.
Witout someone looking over my shoulder telling me what to do, I'm
Egads, I need everything"

June 13 2003, Friday 9:29 CST

"I sent my revised check list instead of my needs list.

I would like learn pearl script to develop my own quizes that can be
changed per need and have feedback information coming back to me

Marsha Longabach,
June 13 2003, Friday 9:26 CST

"Proposal for TIME
Friday, June 13th, 2003
Marsha Longabach

It looks like I will be the web manager of both of my school web sites.
I thought that I would take the opportunity to design the music web
pages this summer. After designing a basic format, I will then adjust
and adapt information, calendar, pictures, etc. to fit the needs of each

The music web site will:

1. State briefly my philosophy and what basic activities go on in the
elementary general music class.
2. Provide a program calendar for the school
3. Provide link to district fine arts calendar
4. Provide information centers for:
a. Students
1. Provide web sites to further practice and gather their musical
knowledge. Standard 5 and/or Standard 6 focus
2. Provide the basic rubric for the classroom
3. Provide specific information about programs, special projects etc.
4. Provide a bulletin board for evaluation of programs Standard 7
b. Parents
1. Provide basic rubric for the classroom
2. Provide any copies of any forms parents would need to be familiar
with throughout the year.
3. Provide specific information about programs, special projects, etc.
4. Provide links for parent to gather music information. Standard 5
and/or Standard 6 focus
5. Provide a bulletin board for feedback
c. Teachers –provide teachers with information and answer
questions that come up year after year. Specifically, a copy of my
beginning of the year letter with my expectations.

Some of the information will not have to be repeated on separate
pages, but listed on one page and target the areas"

Marsha Longabach,
June 13 2003, Friday 9:20 CST

"I need help learning the script to use the quizzes. I am also interested in incorporating sound
and possible video files onto some of exercises. I also do not know what the best method
would be for me to have a place for students to ask questions and give comments. I would like
it to be interactive, where they could talk to each other as well as me, but I am not sure what is
the best way to do it. "

June 13 2003, Friday 9:08 CST

"In part 2 of my project ALL ABOUT YOU, the student is to create a “family tree”

I would like to know how to outline a “tree” that the student can fill in. Probably as a
homework assignment.

Because I am square one technologically there are many things to learn/refine.

Another area I need help in is using power point to enhance the opening of both my morning
assignment and the afternoon assignment.

I would like to add both sound and picture to the instrument choices of the quiz.

Sue Miller – SobaSobo"

Susan Miller,
June 12 2003, Thursday 12:06 CST

"I am wanting to do more than just add a quiz to my site about my
afternoon lesson plan. (It addresses the standard on performing
with proper choral techniques.)

There are too many things on my list to begin prioritizing! I need help
with getting my ideas onto the web page.

I need help to create the links to other sites, to add graphics
(animated possibly) to the student rubric and my index page, and
getting my whole kckps lesson onto my web "unit."

I would also like to put do a powerpoint presentation for the lesson
and get it on line"

Ladonna Flippin,
June 12 2003, Thursday 12:01 CST

"For my Wyandotte High School Strings Page, I'll use Dr. Daugherty's
idea and concentrate the bulletin board on evaluating music. This
will still tie in to standard 2-performing music.

I need help creating the bulletin board. I also need help creating
links to information that I am creating for the web site. For example, I
already have the handbook, but I don't know how to go from the web
site to the handbook.

If I have extra time, I am still interested in creating a PowerPoint
presentation. "

Mary Kerns Ardrey,
June 12 2003, Thursday 11:58 CST

First project ideas

Dr. Jim Daugherty, University of Kansas, 448 Murphy, Lawrence, KS 66045 (785) 864-9637