MEMT 823
Internship Seminar

Post the following:

(A) Your philosophy

(B) Follow up question

(A) Write and post to the web site your 500 word functional "philosophy " of music education, responding to the question "What is your philosophy of music education?"

This is a question you are likely to get when interviewing for jobs. Some elements you might address:
  • Why should music be in public school curricula?
  • Are creating, performing, and appreciating of equal importance?
  • What kind of music will you use?
  • Whom will you teach?
Logic, writing style, spelling, and grammar do count.

You will want to write and revise your functional philosophy statement in your word processing program, then paste it onto the web form for posting.

(B) Post a follow up question to one of your colleagues. You are the principal or music supervisor. Having heard what this interviewee had to say in response to the question about philosophy of music education, what now is your logical follow up question? You must post your question to a colleague who has not as yet received a follow up question. Specify the colleague to whom your follow up question is addressed.

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