MEMT 500 Seminar: Student Teaching Home

Post your Week Eight Journal:

(1) What I learned this past week, listed in enumerated key words or phrases;
(2) My concerns this past week, listed in enumerated key words or phrases; and
(3) Further thoughts about my student teaching this past week (prose).

You may want to write and save your journal entry first in your word processing program and then paste into the box below.

"What I learned:
We've been doing a lot of work on music programs. Also, we had
parent teacher conferences and I got observed this week. I
learned about some fun Easter activities to do with the students.
I'm really working on my conducting a lot with the
choir and we have a choir field trip coming up this week.

My concerns:
Job applications are really long and hard to fill out. I sent notes home
for certain students for their music report card and I've been wondering
if I will get any phone calls. I tried to be really specific so I would
not get any, but we'll soon see!

Further thoughts:
I am having fun here. I really like my cooperating teacher a lot and she
is very good about giving me constructive advice. "

Jenny Elliott,
Apr 1 2002, Monday 9:19 CST

"1. -do not waste your plan time, you need to use it wisely because you
never know what will come up and interrupt you later if you keep pushing
your to-do list off
- try to make the first time you teach a lesson as good as the last time
because it is not fair to the kids in the first class if you are trying to
figure out how to teach it with them and lesson sort of fails

2. -my concerns are basically floating around what I will be doing next
year------where Willy and I will live, where I get a job----I have to
learn how to be a good teacher and a good wife all in the same year

3. -It is very important to make excellent impressions with people you
come into contact with so that when you need a little favor, they will be
willing to use some of their influence for you. I am just amazed at what
happened this week with people putting in a good word for me so that I
could receive a job interview. "

Andrea Herrman,
Mar 31 2002, Sunday 7:38 CST

"Spring Break"

Erin Stewart,
Mar 31 2002, Sunday 7:03 CST

"With one class as a whole, their student teacher is still perceived as an
enemy. Eg. fly was unzipped for entire class, class snickered, did not
inform student teacher of situation until end of the class; siderbar:
class was sinularly lacking in focus that day. Talent doesn't always
constitute victory...wait that is something else...Large groups of fourth
graders sometimes focus better than small groups.

Is singing a violin part okay for orchestral development (as a teacher I
mean)? It leads to much merriment, but is that enough?

Three hundred children is a lot. I can only dream of building that kind
of success."

joseph klassen,
Mar 31 2002, Sunday 6:49 CST

"I have learned this week:
-Several of my students are on meds. You can really tell the difference in
them when they do not have the meds. One boy will spin around as fast as
he can and constantly make noise. It is interesting to see.
-To always have a little more planned than you think you will have time
for. I ran out of things for Kindergarten, but I pulled a few singing
games back that they knew and it went ok.
-Game days or fun days can still be educational. It almost takes more work
to do a game day because you have to have it really structured.

I am concerned:
-About a few students that seem to be uncoroperative. They are
uncoroperative for everyone. We are trying to figure out a plan of action
to improve the situation.

Everything seems to ge going pretty well. I am sad that we only have a few
weeks left. "

Shannon L. Williams,
Mar 29 2002, Friday 11:27 CST

"Spring break"

joseph klassen,
Mar 27 2002, Wednesday 4:24 CST

"This week was spring break for us, so not a whole lot to tell. I had a job
interview last Friday!!!

Last Sunday I forgot to post. We only had classes on Monday, Tues, and
Wed. but on Wed I was at ed. interview day. Not much else."

Rachel Chronister,
Mar 24 2002, Sunday 1:29 CST

"Spring Break for Bonner Springs is scheduled for this week. No classes
until next Tuesday. Hoorah! I am ready for a break..."

Dan Brinkley,
Mar 17 2002, Sunday 5:22 CST


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