MEMT 500 Seminar: Student Teaching Home

Post your Week Fourteen Journal:

(1) What I learned this past week, listed in enumerated key words or phrases;
(2) My concerns this past week, listed in enumerated key words or phrases; and
(3) Further thoughts about my student teaching this past week (prose).

You may want to write and save your journal entry first in your word processing program and then paste into the box below.

"I learned so much this semester that built on and strengthened the skills
I had as a result of the degree program. I learned more than I could
possibly put on these journal entries and some of them are hard to
explain. If I had one suggestion for those people who plan to go into
choral music education is to take some diction classes. The only concern
now is that I get a job. Time seems to be passing quickly with nothing.
It was a wonderful semeseter and now I have several new friends/ coleagues
for a lifetime. What an experience!"

Erin Stewart,
May 13 2002, Monday 8:15 CST

"I have learned so much this semester. I really do want to teach
elementary. It is a lot of work, but very rewarding.
- It is very important to keep good communication with the classroom
teachers, the students will notice.
- The kids are very observant and truthful (well most of them are). It is
nice to work with people that will speak the truth.
Final thoughts:
I am so blessed to have been able to work with a few cooperating teachers
this semester. I have had a lot of fun and many varing experiences. I am
so excited to have my own classroom. I feel ready for it. It is nice to
know that if I need help or advice there are so many people willing to
help out. I am greatful to them all! "

Shannon L. Williams,
May 12 2002, Sunday 10:17 CST

"I learned:
-your students will come through at a performance. just trust them

-will the state of oregon ever start posting their job openings???
-have i gotten all of the information i need from my teacher?

Other Thoughts:
I have had such a good time this semester. Everyday flew by for me,
and I had so much fun with the staff at this school. I told the students
today that I was very upset to be leaving them, but I was very excited to
get to Oregon. My kindergartners said that they understood how someone
could be sad and excited all at the same time. I am so busy looking forward
that I have no time to reflect on what has happened this semester. All I
know is that I have found a friend and resource in my cooperating teacher
that I will have forever. It will be fun to keep in touch with her
throughout the years and find out what has happened to all of "my" students"

Sara K. Bradstreet,
May 6 2002, Monday 5:03 CST

"1. -principals will never cease to amaze me!! I was asked by my
principal to say the closing remarks after an assembly at the school----
umm, I'm the STUDENT TEACHER, but I didn't have to do it because the
assembly got over sooner than she thought so she was able to do it herself
-the teachers are talking about me because everyone is coming up to me and
saying how they think it is cool that I'm staying until the end of the
semester, they didn't find this information out from me

2. -am I going to have to be very strict these last few weeks of school
because I don't like the way the kids are behaving
-will I get everything done I want to before the end of the semester

3. -The other day at lunch, we put some music on for the kids. It was
some pop music that they knew. I danced around the lunch room singing the
songs and stuff, and the kids absolutely loved it. Basically I just made
a fool of myself, though. After lunch one of my third graders came up and
asked me where I learned my moves. I thought I was going to bust a gut
because I was laughing so hard. I don't have any moves!!!!!"

Andrea Herrman,
May 5 2002, Sunday 9:37 CST

"What I learned:
1. Stick to your guns when it comes to discipline.
2. Show no fear!
3. Freshmen can be tamed.

1. Will I mess up my conducting debut at the spring concert on Tuesday.
2. I get to teach all the classes without my cooperating teacher on
Monday and Tuesday.
3. Which also means I am responsible for final concert preparations for
all ensembles. Yikes.

After it is all said and done, I feel that this has been a very productive
semester. I had my doubts due to the lack of class exposure at first
(last semester I was practically running all classes by week two), but
when it comes down to it I did learn quite a bit from him.

The main lesson I learned from my student teaching is this: We are not in
it just for the music, but to aid in the molding of our students into a
functional member of society. All teachers should realize this. By
instilling good values in our classroom, we in a sense are teaching lesson
in life. Music ensembles are a prime example of presenting ideas such as
team work, self-respect, respect for others, etc.

Good luck to all of you in your job search, and congratulations if you
already have landed a job!

Dan Brinkley,
May 5 2002, Sunday 9:25 CST

"What I learned
-Various things about the audition process in hs band
-Elementary concerts are awesome!

-I have not yet taken the PLT or GRE.
-What will KU do about getting a new shooting guard, or will they
abandon the 3 guard set-up altogether?

Final Thoughts
-Hoping to finish strong...parents are coming in for my final concert
which is Thursday pm. Have another concert on Saturday at Worlds Of Fun.
-I'm gonna miss these kids"

Ben Tatar,
May 5 2002, Sunday 8:05 CST

"What I learned:
1. Have something to do for 6th graders the day after a program that keeps
them REALLY busy.
2. Make sure kids know how to sing a round before you ask them to do it.
3. When teaching Kdg. orff instruments, make sure they put their mallets
on the floor and not in thier hands untill you tell them to. The can
easily become weapons.

My concerns:
1. How to teach recorders without having my ears bleed.
2. How many activities are too many for one class?
3. Assessment: there is so much out there to use for assessing students!

I can't beleive the year is almost over. I have felt really ready to be
done, but now that it's here, I feel like saying "give me more time!"
There is so much to learn, and I have had to accept that some things I
will learn as I go and that is the only way. It has been really hard
teaching at two different schools, and my hat goes off to those teachers
that do it every day on a permanent basis. The end of the year is a relly
busy time for everyone. There are final programs,field trips,finishing up
portfolios, handing back recorders,doing classroom inventory. Wow! I can
see that next year is going to be such a busy and happy time for me. Can't
wait to start organizing my classroom!"

Rachel Chronister,
May 5 2002, Sunday 4:31 CST

"Things are winding down now. I worked it out so that every unit I've been
working on is winding down this week, so it will be busy. I have a
concert with the high school as well, so that will be fun. They are
having a huge dinner before concert as an awards banquet. I am relieved
to have the whole week planned and ready to go. I've learned that the
more you can plan ahead, the less stressful it is on a weekly basis. I
feel like I have really lucked out in my placements. They have all been
with excellent teachers and programs"

Aaron Hall,
May 5 2002, Sunday 1:50 CST

"What I have learned:
I have been teaching about multicultural music in the third grade classes
and it is really neat when students come to me and tell me about their
culture. I have had some students share in front of the rest of the
class about their culture and one student shared her favorite CD and it
was rock in roll music in hebrew, the singer sounded like Brittany Spears
except she added the vocal characteristics that eastern singers do. The
other students are more interested when the topic is related to their

My concerns: Only two programs left, I'm going to come back and help
with the final program a few more times after our time is up with student
teaching. I'm going to miss the students and my teacher a lot when I

Further thoughts: Teaching is something that a lot of people can do, but
it is difficult to be a really good teacher and to get the students
excited about learning. This is a skill that I plan on working on for a
long time. "

Jenny Elliott,
May 4 2002, Saturday 9:43 CST

"The day after a concert is such a relief. If you give the children too much free time,
they will spend said free time plotting your doom. It is really quite amazing what
they can come up with in five minutes. Paper airplanes and spitwads are tame here,
and these are kids that like you. Wow.

My cooperating teacher is very good. That has been of much relief. In a certain
way I am quite glad that the end is nearing, but also I am going to miss these little

joseph klassen,
May 3 2002, Friday 5:46 CST

"Well, we're nearing the end. It has been wonderful. This time of year
is very busy and we've had a lot going on. Although festivals are a
great learning experience, it sure is nice when they are done for the
year!:) We are getting ready for our final concerts and everything is
still going well.

We went on an overnight trip and I was astonished by how well
behaved the students were. I learned some valuable tips from my
teacher on how to get ready for an overnight trip. That will come in
handy since I will have to travel with my choir next year. When you live
four hours away from anything, you have to do some overnighting!

Well, this has been a wonderful experience. I have met lifelong
friend and colleague. She has shared so much of her knowledge
with me I am extremely in debt to her. I'm so thankful I had someone
that is so willing to share her tricks of the trade! I'm looking forward to
getting out on my own and working with my own classroom! I really
feel like I am ready!"

Tori Koehn,
May 3 2002, Friday 10:49 CST


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