MEMT 500 Seminar: Student Teaching Home

Post your Week One Journal:

(1) What I learned this past week, listed in enumerated key words or phrases;
(2) My concerns this past week, listed in enumerated key words or phrases; and
(3) Further thoughts about my student teaching this past week (prose).

You may want to write and save your journal entry first in your word processing program and then paste into the box below.

"I learned how smart the junior and senior students really are. It is
amazing what they catch, that even Mrs. Bushouse doesn't. It is

I also learned how wonderful it is to work and learn in such a positive
and supportive environment. It is important to help the students make
sure they feel important. We have a better class if we are out in the
hall waiting to meet the students and visit with them, notice their new
haircuts, new clothes and etc. They love it and love Mrs. Bushouse for

I also learned that allowing them to chat quietly during backrubs, usually
keeps them quiet for the rest of the period. They know that they are
allowed to visit during this time, but that after that it is over. It
also allows us to visit with the students a little more, praise the sports
teams and other school events.

I am not sure that I have any concerns at the moment. I was concerned that
my ears would not be fine tuned enough, but that does not seem to be a
problem. I hear a lot more than I thought I would.

I love being at Freestate, the staff, students and Mrs. Bushouse have been

Erin Stewart,
Feb 18 2002, Monday 6:58 CST

"After starting two weeks early, three snow days were a wonderful treat!"

Angela Yarnell,
Feb 14 2002, Thursday 4:27 CST

"It has been a very good week, albeit quite busy. I went to Manhatten on
Monday night. I had concerts on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. The Middle
School's concert was tues. I conducted one piece for seventh grade and
one for the eight grade. Nothing quite like quickly getting one's feet
wet. The kids are remarkably attentive for middle school kids. They are
very focused on the tasks at had. This is in part due to Mr. Kile being a
fabulous teacher, but it could be that they are better kids than I was
when I was in Middle School. This is particularly true for the eighth
graders. They have no problems with focus when I take over the podium.
The seventh graders are a bit more mischevious at times. They also like
to giggle quite a bit. But there are roughly thirty students in each
class, so that has a lot to do with it. I see that I am going to like
those sinners (seventh) quite a bit. They are a very fun group.

From general to particular. I find myself "stealing" a student's
instrument as it were in order to demonstrate the sound I wish to hear. I
would like to be able to convey through my conducting more. Mr. Kile says
that that will come with more practice.

The elementary schools are a blast. I had no idea that I would have this
much fun with the little brats. I like them a lot too. I wonder if it is
strange that I tend to gravitate towards the class clowns. You will
probably hear much of Jenna and Jeneh quite a bit in the future. Jordan
will probably tend to receive much attention. I wonder if it is strange
that those characters are all cell players."

Joseph Klassen,
Feb 10 2002, Sunday 10:17 CST

"Well, I have only had 2 days on the job so far, but there has been a good,
healthy back and forth of ideas and questions between myself and my teacher,
John Selzer. I get to see band politics firsthand, as they are currently
trying to separate the band and orchestra parent organizations from each
other (currently one organizations, trying to make 2 sep.). The kids are
friendly, I am doing surprisingly well with names, and I feel like I am
picking things up quickly so far"

Ben Tatar,
Feb 6 2002, Wednesday 6:54 CST

"1. What I learned this past week is that I really like snow days. I have
been at the school for a whole month now, and I really enjoyed this
surprise break!!

2. Tonight, we had our second grade program. Even though I enjoyed the
snow days, this caused a real problem for getting the kids ready to
perform their program on the stage. The kids did great, but they were
very nervous and hadn't completely gotten all of their sillies out when
standing on the risers! Snow days also kind of mess up the lesson
rotation with classes because there were several classes that we did not
even see last week and are now about two lessons behind their other

3. I am having a lot of fun working with the kids. Since I have been
there a month now, the kids are getting to know me really well and are
starting to open up to me. There are so many names, though!!!!!! Kids
are quite funny, too!!!!! I just got my contact prescription renewed and
one of my second graders informed me that I look better with my glasses
on!!!!! I just laughed!"

Andrea Herrman,
Feb 5 2002, Tuesday 8:59 CST

"I have only had to go to school two days so far, but it was enough to give
me a basic impression of what I am going to be dealing with. I feel like I
walked into another country! Being at Southwest Junior High last semester
spoiled me. These kids are as "inner-city" as you can get in Lawrence, and
my day is like a war-zone sometimes. I learned that there are so many kids
that are angry and come from really bad - I mean BAD - homes. I know that
I am there to teach music, but for a majority of these kids, they need the
basics, like this is your chair and I am the teacher. I am going to
withhold any judgements about how I feel about this position untill I give
it a little more time. I definitely have a lot to learn. All I can say is
thank goodness for Dr. Darrow's class on managing behavior....glad I kept
that text book!"

Rachel Chronister,
Feb 5 2002, Tuesday 7:39 CST

"I learned:
-be strict with the students at first
-you must be very direct in what you want from the students
-high school students can be very very talkative
-it is hard to know at first how much the students are capable of
-it is hard to learn names of studnets and other teachers
-it is fun to be able to work with grade 5 through 12 because you can see
that they do progress and sound better than when they started
-I like 5th and 6th grade band eventhough it is a little squeeky"

Shannon L. Williams,
Feb 5 2002, Tuesday 5:17 CST

"My classes were cancelled for the first two official days, but I had
been at school observing several times. I'm a little nervous to start
instructing the high school students, but so far they seem to be
responding pretty well. It is a new experience teaching k-12, but I'm
looking forward to it. It will definitely help me get ready for my job
back in Western Kansas. It is an added bonus that my teacher had
her first couple of jobs in the same area where I will be living. She
has some great insights on teaching in rural areas."

Tori Koehn,
Feb 5 2002, Tuesday 7:54 CST

"My classes were cancelled as well. I have met my teachers and talked
several times already so I'm all ready and excited to get started"

Aaron Hall,
Feb 3 2002, Sunday 10:15 CST

"My school was canceled on both Thursday and Friday due to the weather
problems last week. This meant that I was not able to begin my student
teaching. I have gone and met my teacher and principal, and I think that I
am going to be very happy at this school. I am very excited to start
student teaching, and I hope I get to begin taking on some classroom
responsibilities in this next week"

Sara K. Bradstreet,
Feb 3 2002, Sunday 9:48 CST

"1.I learned...
-to be very strict when first teaching students and to not let them get
away with anything.
-that young students have no concept of how old I am, I could be twenty,
sixty, or forty in their eyes, they just know that I'm an adult.
-I'm learning how to incorporate dance into a music program
2.It's really hard to learn all of their names.
3.I love it here and I love Mrs. McPherson. My principal is also really
cool which makes me happy and I feel comfortable around him. I think that
it will be easy to ask him for a mock interview and to observe me. I love
elementary music. The students love coming to class and it is much easier
to discipline them than high school students. I like having outlined
disciplinary rules. I am so glad that I'm going to be a music teacher."

Jenny Elliott,
Feb 3 2002, Sunday 8:43 CST


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