MEMT 500 Seminar: Student Teaching Home

Post your Week Six Journal:

(1) What I learned this past week, listed in enumerated key words or phrases;
(2) My concerns this past week, listed in enumerated key words or phrases; and
(3) Further thoughts about my student teaching this past week (prose).

You may want to write and save your journal entry first in your word processing program and then paste into the box below.

"What I learned: I've been doing a lot of interviewing this past week, so
that has been a new and exciting experience.
Also, I had to write report cards for all of my students and that made me
think a lot about how I wanted to assess my own students in the future.

My concerns: Interviewing made me evaluate my goals and how I am doing in
achieving them. I'm doing well in some and not as well in others.

Further thoughts: I'm looking forward to starting school again. Tomorrow,
we have a staff development day and then the students will come back on
Tuesday. I'm making a lot of decisions about what type of school that I
want to work in right now. I've been looking at a private Christian
school, but something that bothers me is that they do not accept students
with special needs because they do not have the extra money to spend on
paras and wheelchair ramps and other extra stuff. I think that I like
having students with special needs in my classroom. I'm just doing a lot
of thinking. Teaching has been going much better than I could have ever
hoped and I'm really enjoying it. "

Jenny Elliott,
Mar 24 2002, Sunday 6:45 CST

"What I learned
-A lot of pr related stuff, such as dealing with parents. Mr. Selzer
has shared many stories with me of how he has dealt with parents
disappointed with audition results, grades, etc.
-Kids on certain LD-related plans can really disrupt your grading
-My conducting is getting better, some body language stuff on the
podium needs to improve now.

My Concerns
-Am I posting on the right week?
-Doing more experimenting with the students, taking advantage more of
this opportunity to try new things.
-Tuning is something with which I am always toying, trying new
things, etc....but I always feel rushed in front of the group.

Final Thoughts
-Another good week. I am planning on giving the students a little
evalutation on how I am doing once we return from break.
-8th grade jazz is really taking off. The kids are sooo smart, and
they are picking up concepts really fast. What a great group to have!"

Ben Tatar,
Mar 17 2002, Sunday 3:02 CST

"What I learned"

Ben Tatar,
Mar 17 2002, Sunday 2:56 CST

"Last Week I learned a valuable lesson in scheduling concerts. Do
not produce a large-scale production that will interfere with the
contest season. Due the scheduling of Bravo! (the variety show) so
close to April, the choir just read their contest pieces last Wednesday
and Friday, and today we were still setting up solos for regional
festival. This is unfortunate for the students because he is lowering
the amount of students competing at contest by about 50%. In
addition, no small ensembles have been formed for contest just
adding to the stress of the contest season. This show should have
been produced at the end of the school year or late October/early
November. We’ll just have to double our efforts over the course of
the next month."

Dan Brinkley,
Mar 11 2002, Monday 9:00 CST

"I learned that you have to be very careful and fair in grading playing
tests. If you do taped tests then you have proof of the test if you
should have to go back and bust somebody. Giving a goal or teaser for the
next class at the end of class really does work and kids remember it the
next time. Parking lot duty sucks!!
I'm concerned that the semester is going by so quickly. I need to really
get on the ball looking for jobs and getting everything in order. I feel
like I need to do more stuff and do it perfectly after spring break.
Everything is going really well in spite of the fact that it seems like
I'm rushing everything. Concert Monday night, Concert Tuesday night,
meeting Wednesday night, the life of a teacher!"

Aaron Hall,
Mar 11 2002, Monday 3:50 CST

"Overall, it was a very good week. We had our first contest on Monday, so
that was a little stressful. Both of our choirs did very well though, and
I got a mini master class with Charles Broughy (?sp) because he was our
clinician. It was great. I also lost my voice part way through the week,
and it seems nearly impossible to teach with no voice. I still went to
school and did my best, but it was exhausting by the end of the day. I
don't really have too many concerns at the present time. I'm am really
enjoying this experience, and have learned so much. We have a concert this
week and then after spring break many more contests, so the fun is just

Tori Koehn,
Mar 10 2002, Sunday 9:39 CST

"1. -class programs really wear a person out
-when class is out of control, look for the few people who are following
the rules and praise them for it--others will start doing what they are
doing to try and get praise for their actions as well--this helps to turn
the negative focus into a positive one for everyone
-when asking a kid to speak with them after class about their behavior,
try not to forget about talking to them afterwards and also not to forget
what you wanted to discuss with them

2. -sometimes I feel so mean towards the kids--but them I also feel that
I don't get the proper respect and behaviors if I don't respond towards
them in my "mean" way (fifth graders)
-I don't know how to respond to the kids when they start snickering behind
my back when I leave them after speaking to them about inappropriate
actions--right now I try to ignore it
-when do kids ever learn proper table manners?--I've witnessed that they
haven't learned anything by third grade, plus they all have the idea that
they have to come up and tap you to get your attention and it grosses me
out because I don't want food all over me!!!!!!!!

3. -I took my PLT test this weekend and I have to comment that it was a
load of crap! What are manipulatives, scaffolds, reading levels, seat-
work teaching techniques, and blah, blah, blah??? The only question I
really felt comfortable answering dealt with behavior and positive
praise. Out of fifty-one questions, this is pathetic that I only really
knew one of them. Why do I have to be tested on this stuff when it does
not apply to me and never, ever will????? I have a few issues with this,
can you tell?
-Putting together a first grade program is very time consuming when
doing a musical. We are doing "To Bee or Not To Bee." It is very cute
and they love the music. This is actually a little challenging for them
to do, but they are doing really well with memorizing all of the songs and
learning some choreography with it."

Andrea Herrman,
Mar 10 2002, Sunday 7:38 CST

"This week I learned that the work room has LOTS of cool stuff for the
classroom. I did a cool bulletin board.
- I learned that a fine arts education isn't a guarantee in Lawrence
Public schools anymore
- I learned that the more detailed a lesson plan I make, the easier it is
to walk in on Monday morning and feel prepared.

-My main concern this week was the proposal to eliminate band and
orchestra from the elementary schools, and the other issues to be
discussed regarding cuts. All the elementary teachers have been especially
concerned about this, as it affects everyone's jobs
-I am concerned about how to set up a reward system for the kids at New
York to curb their behavior without leaving some kids out.
- I am trying to plan a kindergarten program and there is a lot of stuff
out there to do. How to narrow it down?

This was a short week, but it seemed long. I am doing a lot of the
teaching at Deerfield, and the kids at New York always give me a run for
my money. I am getting better at controlling the classroom at New York,
however, I have to use my "mean" voice. We are working on programs for 5th
grade and K, and also preparing 3-6th for a field trip at Deerfield. At
New York, I am starting to do more work with the keyboard curriculum, but
it is frustrating when the system goes down or freezes, or other tech
problems. In general those kids do better when they can be more physically
involved in the lesson. I find myself being negative a lot and wasting so
much time, so I decided to come up with a positive reward system. The kids
will earn stickers for appropriate behaviors, and when they get to 10 they
will get a prize. Inspired by a class with Dr. Darrow, I decided that food
may be the most motivating prize. Still thinking on that one. I'm looking
foreward to interview day, but find myself getting a little nervous

Rachel Chronister,
Mar 10 2002, Sunday 4:57 CST

"I learned (am learning) to be very wary of 12-13 year olds that are
smarter than I was at 12-13(with special consideration given to the girls
that fit in that category, most especially if they may be smarter than I
am right now. They can truly frighten one.) Solo coaching can be very
fun. Losing your temper can be a very good thing-especially if you
control your temper with your intelligence and not with your
emotions/feelings, etc.

I wonder if I am able to be an assistant coach for baseball and still have
enough time for everything else. I hate standardized tests.

Being in on the growth and development of a group of children can be very
rewarding. Watching sniveling, snotty-nosed little weiners (wieners?)
become capable string players is quite exciting. "

joseph klassen,
Mar 10 2002, Sunday 4:29 CST

"I learned that it is very important to give a new student a few class
periods to observe if they are not comfortable with paricipating. After two
class sessions, though, you have to make them start participating.
I am still not having too many concerns. I am having a great time, and
feel very at ease in my daily schedule. I ve been able to get my planning
all done during planning times or when my teacher is teaching the fifth and
sixth grade. I am finding so many songs, technique books, cd's, and videos.
i hope everyone else is doing well"

Sara K. Bradstreet,
Mar 10 2002, Sunday 11:01 CST

"I learned that teacher inservice days are really boring, and you have to
grin and bear it.
- It's a great idea to order your own music, so you can make lots of marks
to save to use again for later.
- I learned you have to jump on kids for not participating and etc. right
away, or the problem will continue.

Concerns: - I am a little worried about conducting on the first concert.
There has not been a lot of time to prep the pieces and the men keep
singing flat and seem to have no memory from rehearsal to rehearsal.
- piano skills are always a concern.

I really was not at school this week. I was ill with laryngitis still, a
cold and fever. It is hard to teach with laryngitis, especially if you
don't feel well. I went on Monday and learned that it is better to stay
home in the beginning, inorder to get better faster.

I am really enjoying all the vocal coaching for solos, duets and ensembles
that I am getting to do to get groups ready for Encore. It is really fun
to get the know the students and work with them in small groups and music
that they really enjoy."

Erin Stewart,
Mar 9 2002, Saturday 5:58 CST


Mar 9 2002, Saturday 5:53 CST


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