MEMT 500 Seminar: Student Teaching Home

Post your Week Twelve Journal:

(1) What I learned this past week, listed in enumerated key words or phrases;
(2) My concerns this past week, listed in enumerated key words or phrases; and
(3) Further thoughts about my student teaching this past week (prose).

You may want to write and save your journal entry first in your word processing program and then paste into the box below.

- Having a student conductor, senior internship or etc, where a student
prepares and executes warm-ups, and or directs a piece is a great learning
experience for all. The students in the choir learn to be supportive and
flexible for the student conductor and they also learn what it really
takes to conduct and lead a choir.
- The best way to deal with a disagreement of confrontation with a student
over something in the music is ask them to demonstrate. It takes a very
sincere voice like you really cannot figure it out yourself and need them
to help you. It helps you understand what they are asking for.

- Keeping the stress level to a minimum
- Remembering that my expression is what every one sees and reads

I love working with both the junior high and high school students, and am
very excited for next year. "

Erin Stewart,
May 6 2002, Monday 6:08 CST

"I have learned:
-Putting on a program is fun, but a lot of work. There are a million and
one things to think of. I am glad I got to help with one before I had to
do one by myself.
- Correcting behavior is easier arter you start to build relationships
with the kids. I have tried really hard to talk to students everywhere I
see them and take an interest in them. The students that gave me troubles
at the start do not (that often) any more. It is great to get to know them
because they are all so special!
Concerns: not many at the present. Job interviews are going ok, but I am
excited and sad about this experience ending. I have had so much fun and
have learned so much for many people"

Shannon L. Williams,
Apr 27 2002, Saturday 12:58 CST

"1. -if you set a standard for your kids, they will acheive it so set your
expectations high and not at mediocre levels
-at the end of the semester, things get very hairy trying to get
everything in by the end of the year with all of the classes taking field
trips and stuff
-keeping discipline in check can be trying at the end of the year as well
because everyone is going crazy because of weather change, nice weather,
tired, full moon, assemblies, field trips, etc. etc.

2. -job?
-will I get observed before the end of the semester?

3. -My first graders did very well for their performance on Thursday. We
performed during the day for the entire school, and then again that night
for the parents. For Elem. music teachers, "To Bee or Not To Bee" is a
very cute musical to do with an advanced first grade or any second grade
class. The kids love the music as well as the audience. We have received
so many positive comments about it!!!!!!"

Andrea Herrman,
Apr 22 2002, Monday 12:58 CST

"Contest, what a time of year. I never really thought about how much getting a "I" at state can make or break the momentum of your program. Fortunately, our choir received a "I" at state, and our kids are excited to get back work. I'm still really not sure how I want to approach contest when I have my own groups. Do I want to remove the value of a thorough music education in order to get a "I" at contest, or do I stick to my guns and focus on all aspects of teaching music. Eventually my groups will have the knowledge and understanding of music so that a "I" will be achieved through ability rather than meer puppetry. Another concern I have this week is concert scheduling. I don't know if the scheduling of the spring concert two weeks after contest is the fault of the music teacher or adminstration. I hope that I will have more control over when conerts occur than what I have witnessed this semester. The amount of time we have to prepare for events/concerts at times seem ludicrous. Oh well, welcome to reality Mr. Brinkley!!"

Dan Brinkley,
Apr 21 2002, Sunday 9:28 CST

"I learned:
-I have no idea what week I am supposed to be on on this journal. Is this
the right week.
-working with other teachers-still a problem.
-students get really into the musical if you allow them to have a slight
bit of control.

-will I get a job, or am i destined to be a head housekeeper at a hotel
(I've done it before)
-will I ever stop being exhausted and stop getting sick all the time.

Other thoughts:
I'm really stressed. I've been on the verge of tears a lot, but I just
need to buck up and deal with life. I am having a ton of fun teaching its
everthing else that is a pain in the neck. will my friends ever stop
calling me when I am already in bed"

sara K. Bradstreet,
Apr 21 2002, Sunday 5:15 CST

"I learned that some really good groups can have a bad day at contest and
not recieve what they really deserve. I feel confident that I could get a
group to a one rating. Even though one of our bands got straight ones,
judges still had little good to say on their comment sheets, not really
suprising, but more of a reinforcement of what I already knew.
Not too many now that things have freed-up some. Last week was really
stressful because I wasn't well prepared for it. Lesson planning is
difficult enough without feeling rushed.
Three more weeks to go and I have a concert that I will conduct at on the
7th. It will be nice to start playing those pieces any day now!"

Aaron Hall,
Apr 21 2002, Sunday 4:32 CST

"What I have learned
-Always plan for the your last full rehearsal being
cancelled when school is let out early.
-Band parents, annoying or not, are awesome.

-I am being observed next week and I have no idea what I will be doing
in class next.

Final Thoughts
-SM West had our annual Jazz On The Bridge last week. It is great to
see all of these schools come out and play and just have fun/ not worry
about a rating. Really nice festival to have.
-My brass choir got a one and is going to state next week! :)


Ben Tatar,
Apr 21 2002, Sunday 4:31 CST

"Traveling from school to school puts as many miles on my car as
does traveling from home to school. Teaching middle school kids
can actually be fun. Remembering what I was like in middle school,
and then having similar expectations for the students I would have
really proved to be more worrisome than necessary. I am thankful for

It is really amusing how many seventh graders begged for a study
hall for the day when 1/4 of their class would miss orchestra for a
track meet. I guess that was not really funny, but what was funny was
that those students who most vociferously begged for a study hall,
took the time in study hall to practice their instruments. They even
practiced the tunes they would play for the concert and had me count
them off for them. How incorrigible!

Exhaustion is really the only concern; that and marshmallow brain
that Aaron touched on as well"

joseph klassen,
Apr 21 2002, Sunday 3:50 CST

"What I learned:
-Large group festival is a great experience for students. They get to
perform and receive feedback as well as hear other groups around their area
-A music teacher's work never ends!!
-A child's home life can definitely affect how they behave in school.

-I really don't have too many concerns. I am getting along well and really
enjoying teaching.
-I still am nervous/excited about my first job. I know it will be great,
but I can't help being a little anxious.

I can't believe our time is almost up! This semester has really gone by

Tori Koehn,
Apr 21 2002, Sunday 1:51 CST

"What I learned:
I could have never imagined how difficult a bean bag passing game could be
for third graders. Some important pointers for anyone reading this:
1. Only let them use one hand.
2. Make them set the bean bag in front of the next person, not toss.
3. Before starting a game, practice "pick up, pass, pick up, pass,
several times until they figure it out.

My concerns:
My principal is observing me this next week during a kindergarten class.
I have two programs next week.

Further thoughts:
I have learned a lot about how important it is to prepare students for an
activity in a way that will help them be successful. My teacher knows a
lot about Orff techniques and I really find them helpful. "

Jenny Elliott,
Apr 19 2002, Friday 5:42 CST


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