Your Schedule and Directions to your School(s)

Post your schedule and clear, foolproof directions from KU to each of your schools.

Angela Yarnell

"As I was saying before my computer interupted me. . .

Chorale 2:10-3:00

Thursday Schedule:

Soph Women 11:12-12:54
A cappella 1:30-3:00


Men in Tux 9:36-11:06
Madrigals 11:12-1:24
Chorale 1:30-3:00

Right now I am working with all the ensembles, but on varying days.
Please email me before you come so we can find a time when I will be
teaching that works for your schedule."

Angela Yarnell,
Feb 14 2002, Thursday 5:07 CST

"Take K-10 East to the Renner Road exit. Head South (right) until 119th
Street, turn East (left). Cross over 435 and turn South (right) on Black
Bob. Turn East (left) on 127th Street. Olathe East is a block ahead on
the south side of the street. Enter through the main doors and go to the
left and you will see the office. You can check in there and recieve
directions to the choir room.

Our schedule M-W:

Men in Tux 9:52-10:42
Soph Women 10:48-11:38
Madrigals 11:44-12:43
A cappella 1:14-2:04

Angela Yarnell,
Feb 14 2002, Thursday 5:03 CST


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