Your Schedule and Directions to your School(s)

Post your schedule and clear, foolproof directions from KU to each of your schools.

Rachel Chronister

"The day begins at East Heights Elementary, and we travel to New York
Elementary at noon. To get to East Heights, take 23rd st toward k-10. Turn
left on Haskell and go to 14th st. The School is at 1430 Haskell. To get
to New York, take 9th street east past Mass. You will pass New Hampshire,
Rhode Island, and Conneticut. The school is on the corner of 9th and New

3rd Grade - Daniels 3rd - Solis 4th - Sonders
2nd Grade Raush 2nd - Wiley 5th - Sisson
Kdg - Blessing PreK - Long Kdg - Levy
1st - Lomesnka 1st - Hendrex 6th - Temple
Travel to New York Travel to New York Travel to New York
Kdg - Gamble 3rd - Rome Kdg - Rorick
1st - Rhodes 2nd - Ornburn 1st Winter
4th - Gray 6th - Turpin 5th - Eaton

Mon, Tue, Th, Fri Wednesday
8:20-9:00 8:20-8:45
9:05-9:45 8:50-9:15
9:50-10:30 9:20-9:45
10:35-11:15 9:50-10:15
Travel Travel
12:50-1:30 10:40-11:05
1:35-2:15 Lunch/Planning
2:20-3:00 12:40-1:05

Feb. 4-8 CABCA
Feb. 11-15 BCACA
Feb. 18-22 ABCAB
Feb. 25-Mar. 1 CABCA
Mar. 4-8 BCABx (Fri for prof. devel.)
Mar. 11-15 CABxx (Thurs and Fri Elem conference)
Mar. 25-29 CABCA
Apr. 1-5 BCABC
Apr. 8-12 ABCAB
Apr. 15-19 CABCA
Apr. 22-26 BCABC
Apr. 29-May 3 CABCA
May 6-10 BCABC"

Rachel Chronister,
Feb 5 2002, Tuesday 7:26 CST


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