Your Schedule and Directions to your School(s)

Post your schedule and clear, foolproof directions from KU to each of your schools.

Joseph Klassen

"Schedule: Varible, contact me for specific times. We have 300 students
roughly. There are two teachers for these children. They both have the
good fortune of having student teachers this semester. There will be lots
of "tag" (for the wrestling fans) team teaching.

Get onto sixth street heading west. This becomes U.S. highway 40. Take
highway 40 to N 1600 Rd (also called DG co. 442 or the Stull road). This
is about three miles from 6th and Wakarusa streets. Take this road until
you get to Shawnee Heights Road in Tecumseh. Turn right on Shawnee
Heights road, and Shawnee Heights Schools (a 7-8grade building, an 9-10
grade building, and an 11-12 grade building) are on the Left about a
quarter of a mile to the north. The middle school is the furtherest east
and is the closest to the road. The 11-12 is south of the the 9-10.

To Berryton Elementary one would continue going west on 45th street until
one reached Croco avenue. One would then turn left on Croco proceeding
south until one reached 69th street. One would then turn right on 69th
street and proceed west for about a mile or so until one saw Berryton
elementary School on the South side of the road.

To get to Tecumseh South Elementary one would continue driving west on
45th street until one reached Tecumseh road. One would then turn right
and proceed north on Tec. Road for slightly more than one mile. Tec.
South elementary school is on the east side of the road.

To get to Tec North Elementary one would turn right onto Shawnee Heights
road as if one was going to the middle or high schools, but instead one
would continue north on S. H. Road until one reached U.S. 40. One would
turn left on U.S. 40 and proceed to DuPont road. One would turn right on
Dupont Road and proceed north to 2nd street. One would then turn left on
2nd street and proceed a short distance (less than a mile) to Consuelo
Rd. Turn back left on Consuelo road, and there is T North.

To get to Shawnee heights elementart or SHES one would proceed as if going
to T. North. One would turn left and go west on 29th street however. One
would proceed roughly 2 miles on 29th until one got to Downing. One would
follow Downing (it curves slightly to the west just previously to reaching
Burton) until one got to Burton. One would travel a very short distance
on Burton and SHES is on the East side of the road."

Joseph Klassen,
Feb 10 2002, Sunday 10:04 CST


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