Your Schedule and Directions to your School(s)

Post your schedule and clear, foolproof directions from KU to each of your schools.

Tori Koehn

8:00 - 6th Sweeney
8:30 - 6th Murphy
9:00 - 2nd Riley
9:30 - 1st Michalls
10:00 travel to Basehor
11:17-12:18 - Alternate Mixed Chorus and Girls Chorus
12:18-12:48 - Lunch
12:48-1:20- Mixed Chorus or Girls Chorus
1:20 - Travel back to Linwood
2:19-3:05 - Alternate 7th and 8th Grade Choruses

8:00 - 4th Cole
8:30 - 4th Riffel
9:00 - 5th Barroque
9:30 - Kdg Hammons
(Same as Monday)

8:00 - 6th Sweeney
8:30 - 6th Murphy
9:00 - 3rd Lessig
9:30- 2nd Lines

8:00 4th Cole
8:30 - 4th Riffel
9:00 - 3rd Lessig
9:30 - Kdg Hammons

8:00 - 3rd Lessig
8:30 - 2nd Liness
9:00 - 2nd Riley
9:30 - 1st Michalls

Directions to Linwood:
From KU go to 6th Street and turn east (towards downtown)
Turn North (left) onto Massachussetts continue across the bridge
and under I-70. Turn right onto Highway 24/40 toward Tonganoxie.
About 3 miles down the road turn right onto Highway 32. Continue on
this for 8 miles until you enter Linwood. Turn right on Park Street, the
elementary and middle schools are on the right side of the road.
Enter the main doorway and the office can help locate me.

Directions to Basehor:
Same but instead of turning onto Highway 32 continue on straight
through Tonganoxie. The next town will be Basehor. Turn left onto
155th Street. The high school is located on the left side of the road,
several blocks down. Park in the second parking lot and enter the
main doors. The office is immediately to your left."

Tori Koehn,
Feb 5 2002, Tuesday 7:51 CST


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