Your Schedule and Directions to your School(s)

Post your schedule and clear, foolproof directions from KU to each of your schools.

Erin Stewart


Sophomore Men - 8:10 to 9:10
Sophomore Women - 9:15 to 10:15

I do not work with the next choir and I am at Southwest teaching my own
class after that.

I am at Freestate High School in Lawrence.
Directions from Capus:
Take fifteeen street west until you reach wakarusa drive. (You will cross
Iowa and Kasold)
Turn right(north) on Wakaruse and continue north until you can not go any
further. (You will cross 6th Street). You will have to turn right
(east). You will see the school on your left, this is the front of the
school. It is visitor parking in the front for the most part. Walk in
the doors facing south. This is the commons. The office is straight
ahead and to the right. "

Erin Stewart,
Feb 18 2002, Monday 6:52 CST


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