Your Schedule and Directions to your School(s)

Post your schedule and clear, foolproof directions from KU to each of your schools.

Ben Tatar

"Ok, well here it is....I emailed it to Dr. J last week and have yet to hear
back from him. Here is the monster schedule.


9:55-10:25 McAuliffe Elem 6th grade band
10:30-11 McAuliffe 6th grade band

1:10-2:40 Overland Express @ SM West


7:40-9:15 Sym Band @ SM West. Do warm ups and then my piece immed. following

10:20-10:40 Brass Choir @ SM West

11:30-12:00 6th grade band @ Bonjour Elem
12:00-12:30 5th grade band @ Bonjour Elem

1:10-2:40 Jazz Lab @ SM West. I run all of this band.


7:45-8:30 I run 8th grade jazz at West Ridge JH

The rest of this day is the same as Monday's schedule


Same as Tuesday


7:45-8:30 8th grade jazz @ West Ridge

8:30-9:15 Symb Band, usually just to help out since we get there a bit late.

12:55-1:45 Overland Express @ SM West

1:50-2:40 Jazz Lab"

Ben Tatar,
Mar 10 2002, Sunday 4:34 CST

"No, I haven't forgotten about this one, but I am waiting to find out good
directions. Since I am at 4 schools, I want to make sure I am giving the
right directions. This will be completed ASAP!


Ben Tatar,
Feb 10 2002, Sunday 9:58 CST


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