View Source

If you like what you see on a webpage, look at the source code to see what code was used, then copy and paste the code into your own page.

All browsers vary just a tad from each other. However, regardless of which browser you use, you can find the html code, generally by selecting "VIEW" in the pulldown menu, then "source code" or maybe "View Source" or maybe even just "source." You will see the code used to create the html page you are viewing. Cut and paste the code as you would anything else! The image on the left is Netscape. Explorer is the image shown below.

If you like a graphic, MAC users can download the image by holding down the mouse on the graphic, then selecting "save" or "download image to disk." You can modify the graphic and make it your own.

PC users should right click on the graphic, then select "save image to disk."